The Management of GOTMAR is aware of its social responsibility towards society, customers, business partners and employees and this is demonstrated in our relationships with them.

GOTMAR contributes to the development of its geographical region by creating jobs and supporting various events.

Through continuous quality control – from the origin of raw materials to the end product – we care for the health of consumers who use our packaging in different end products on a daily basis.

The Management strives to constantly increase personnel motivation, to create corporate awareness, to provide education and qualification, to improve safety labour conditions, to establish environmental impact and monitor the activity of every worker and employee. Our employees are highly qualified, respected and experienced, ready to help our customers. To achieve this high level of qualification, we enable our employees to continuously develop their skills and offer them participation in various trainings.

As a result, GOTMAR LTD is an innovative and flexible company developing its business with responsibility and care for the environment.

Gotmar Ltd. meets all the requirements of the international standard for social responsibility ISO 26000:2010.