UV coating is a surface treatment, used widely with plastic products. The flexibility of this technique enables all types of materials, without distinction of shape, structure and size, to

be coated. The process gives technical as well as ornamental objects a very shiny reflective, metallic look which can be in different colours. In addition to obtaining high surface resistance, products gain a decorative look that lasts over time.


  • Automatic UV varnishing line with 5 spraying booths and 2 vacuum chambers for PVD metallization;
  • Eco friendly production with water base varnish;
  • Clean room production, guarantee for high quality of the end product;
  • High output of up to 15 000 pcs/hour
PVD Metallization application

We can offer our clients the following applications of metallization:
· Headlights and reflectors for vehicles; Car interiors and exteriors;
· Cosmetic parts;
· Toy parts;
· Handles, frames, buttons, plates and etc.;
· Home and Electrical appliances;