GOTMAR has been present in the cosmetic packaging sector for nearly 11 years. For this period, we have harboured strong relationships with clients in Western Europe by developing 50 new projects with 75 new moulds for the cosmetic and perfumery industry, totalling over 180 million produced parts. Our experience is based on processing various special materials, dedicated to the cosmetic industry, such as Surlyn PC2000, PCTG, ABS, SAN, RTP, etc. We can also offer our clients assembly of multicomponent details, assembly with various textile ornaments and metal parts, as well as additional decorations – electroplating (external supplier), metallization and varnishing, silk screen printing in 3 colors, hot stamping.


The newest premises for Cosmetics Packaging was designed and built in the beginning of 2018 and is currently being put into exploitation. We have invested in 10 new hybrid Arburg machines, dedicated solely to cosmetics, equipped with ionizing devices to ensure a dust-free environment. Additionally, we have implemented a “clean room” packaging zone for the finished parts so we can offer the highest quality production, required by the cosmetic industry standards.


Starting 2018, GOTMAR decided to expand its portfolio of packaging for the cosmetic industry by adding standard containers for skin care products with volumes 50ml and 100ml.

Our goal is to diversify the range of jars we offer by adding 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 40ml and 75/80 ml.

Flip Top and Lipstic Closures

  • resin PP, SAN

Cosmetic Closures

  • resin PP

Perfume Closures

  • resin SURLYN